Parent Testimonials

We know that choosing the right place for your child is one of the biggest decisions that you as a parent have to make. We hope you will take some time to read some of the wonderful things that our parents have said about David's Christian Learning Center.

Testimonial from Kate Cope

"DCLC has been an awesome experience from day one! We really can tell the difference in our daughter Madelyn and how much happier she is at DCLC than our previous day care arrangement.

As a first time parent, I value the input that the DCLC staff has and rely on their guidance as far as the activities that Maddie should be participating in to encourage her development. DCLC has done a wonderful job being communicative and working with us on payment arrangements. I can tell when I walk in to pick her up that she is happy and fulfilled at the DCLC daycare. She is learning so much, so quickly, and DCLC is great at keeping me up to date on her accomplishments! They even send me an occasional picture of her on my phone! I love it!"
-Kate Cope 

Testimonial from The Owen's

"Both my husband and I are blessed with full-time jobs, so we were concerned about finding a 'second home' for our daughter during the day. I teach at Central Middle School in Columbia Heights, and every day that I go to work, I am able to focus on educating my 'big kids' because I know that my daughter is happy and nurtured at David's Christian Learning Center. Her teachers keep her mind and body stimulated through circle time, art projects, music, dancing to the Wiggles, walks, and gym time.

As a new mom, it's so helpful to have these experienced people to answer questions such as, 'Do you see this in all toddlers, or is this just my child?' Your daycare is an important ministry for Columbia Heights, and I am grateful that my baby can get such high-quality care so close to where I work."
-The Owen’s

Testimonial from The Grimm's

"Our family joined the DCLC community nearly seven years ago when we came to tour the center with our brand new baby boy. Before discovering David’s, we had visited several centers and in-home day cares--visits that often ended in tears of frustration from this new mother. I can’t describe the relief I felt upon finding DCLC. Finally, a center that met our expectations and a place that put me at ease.

I had decided that if I couldn’t imagine myself spending a day in a particular day care, then I certainly wasn’t going to have my son spend his time there. The loving, caring, creative, and fun environment the DCLC staff created was obvious to me from our very first visit, and so I felt confident in choosing it for our family.

Seven years and another baby later, we are still so happy with the choice we made to send our kids to DCLC. Both our son and daughter seem absolutely at home and 'with family' when they are here. Although my son is now in first grade and loving school, he will occasionally and wistfully say about his sister, 'Gabi’s so lucky she gets to go to David’s.'

The heart of any day care is its staff members, those dedicated to caring for and teaching children. We love the DCLC staff for many reasons, not the least being because they genuinely love our kids. They know each child’s personality, likes and dislikes, what makes them tick, and most importantly, they enjoy playing and learning with those in their care. Children who we all know are incredibly intuitive beings, know they can trust the teachers in their lives. They feel safe in their home away from home. That is an incredible gift to any working parent, and one that my husband and I are thankful for every day.

I firmly believe the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child.' Raising a respectful, caring, thoughtful person means providing them with the best role models from the very start. I am so grateful that the DCLC staff is a part of our family’s village, and that they are helping us raise our children to be the best people they can possibly be."
-The Grimm’s

Testimonial from The Dowling's

"I just couldn’t be more pleased with the care my son is given at DCLC. The staff are caring, sweet, and very competent.

He has learned so much in preschool and even tested above average in his kindergarten screening! He also comes home and tells me all about his Bible lessons, and it’s so impressive how much of the Bible he has learned. It’s a comfort knowing he is learning both the needed preschool lessons and the Christian Bible lessons."
-The Dowling’s

Testimonial from The Maher's

"DCLC is a wonderful daycare and preschool. We have had our children enrolled for over four years now. The staff are caring, and we are confident in the care and education our children are receiving. We have come to rely on them and feel that the staff are a very important part of our children's lives. After all, our children spend many hours each week with these people, so it was important to us to find a daycare that we felt comfortable with. I will never forget how during the first few weeks of daycare, the staff kept reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. They even encouraged me to stop by any time of day to check on my little one. As a new mother, the thought of leaving my baby with anyone was very difficult. The staff did everything they could to make us feel comfortable. Now four years later, we are still enrolled at the center. Over the course of the years, things have changed at DCLC and in my opinion, the staff have gotten stronger and the environment is very happy. I can honestly say, my child, who is a preschooler, can't wait to go to preschool every morning. Sometimes when I pick him up, he wants to keep playing! As far as daycares and preschools go, I have no problem recommending DCLC to those who wish to have this kind of experience."
-The Maher’s 

Testimonial from Jamie Shivery

"I found DCLC by chance, and it turned out to be one of the best things that has happened to our family. We had just moved to Minnesota and didn't know anything about the area. Our daughter was very social and just having mommy at home wasn't enough to keep her engaged. I looked up various preschools, made calls, and even set up appointments to see other schools. Then I called DCLC, and the voice on the other end was so cheery (Julie) and helpful, and it was the first time I actually thought that maybe I could entrust our only child to someone else. 

My husband, our daughter Charlotte, and I all came to take a tour of the school, and she immediately left our side and jumped into playing with the other kids. We met Miss Tabby, whose passion and genuine care for kids was evident from the very second she spoke, and we were convinced.

Since Charlotte has been coming to the little lambs program, she has not only learned by leaps and bounds but has strengthened her social skills, and I love hearing her sing about Jesus and tell me the stories she has learned from the Bible. 

In addition to Charlotte meeting friends, I was also able to get to know another mom whose friendship I can't imagine not being in my life. Charlotte honing her creativity and love of learning and the very sweet friendships we have both made wouldn't have been possible had we not taken that leap to DCLC and its exceptional program. We have nothing but positive things to say about the people who are helping to shape our daughter into the light we want her to be in this world."
-Jamie Shivery

Testimonial from The Vogtman's

"Sydney, our daughter, loves being at DCLC. My husband and I both agree we made the best choice by enrolling her here. The teachers are wonderful. They are warm, good-hearted, loving people who truly care about the children. DCLC truly creates a community for the children, parents, and staff. They create many opportunities for the children to grow as a person both socially and intellectually. We love the attention and great care that Sydney gets. We always look forward to hearing about her day and/or seeing the new art project she has created.

Unless we move out of the area, we plan to keep Sydney here at DCLC until she goes to kindergarten. It will be a sad day for all of us when she graduates as we have come to know the teachers, children, and parents well, but we know that they have prepared her well for the next stage in her life. Thank you for all you do DCLC!"
-The Vogtman’s