Our Rates

  • Meals are included in these rates, except for infants, who do not pay for catered meals.
  • Field trip expenses are not included in the above tuition rates. Parents must pay in cash in advance of the event.
  • We accept County Assistance to supplement the full cost of tuition.
  • Part-time (PT) rates are based on five or fewer hours per day.

Infant - 6 weeks to 16 months

  • 2 days/week: FT - $267 / PT - $200
  • 3 days/week: FT - $322 / PT - $278
  • 4 days/week: FT - $347 / PT - $290
  • 5 days/week: FT - $374 / PT - $301

Toddler - 16 months to 3 years

  • 2 days/week: FT - $234 / PT - $166
  • 3 days/week: FT - $282 / PT - $227
  • 4 days/week: FT - $310 / PT - $240
  • 5 days/week: FT - $333 / PT - $262

Preschool - 3 to 5 years

  • 2 days/week: FT - $211 / PT - $161
  • 3 days/week: FT - $259 / PT - $214
  • 4 days/week: FT - $285 / PT - $222
  • 5 days/week: FT - $312 / PT - $240

Little Lambs Preschool Rates:
DCLC offers morning preschool for families in addition to our childcare opportunities.

  • Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Includes lunch
  • Monday – Friday: $140/week
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $110/week
  1. Registration Fee: A $75 per child fee is applicable for registration or schedule changes. This fee is non-refundable.
  2. Deposit Fee: One week’s tuition is required upon enrollment to hold a spot for your child. This enrollment fee is nonrefundable, but we can apply it to your child’s first week of tuition.
  3. Tuition Accounts: Parents must pay tuition in full through a pre-authorized form that will allow us to debit your checking or savings account. There is a $10 per day late fee on all returned checks plus an additional charge for insufficient funds.
  4. Multiple Child Discount: We offer a $15 per week discount off the lowest applicable tuition rate, when two or more children from one family are enrolled full time.
  5. Returned Checks: We charge a $30 fee for each check returned by the bank.
  6. Late Fee: A $1 per minute charge will be applicable when you pick up your child after 6:00 p.m. Late fees charge to your account. We will present you with an invoice that you are expected to pay within the week the charge incurred. Failure to pay this will result in additional late fees to your account at the normal charge for late fees as outlined in the Parent Handbook.
  7. Absences: We will charge full rate for absences.
  8. Holidays: You must pay for scheduled holidays. If a holiday falls on a Saturday we will be closed on Friday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday we will be closed on Monday. Our holidays include: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. We are closed for In-Service/Cleaning Days. Dates are located in the yearly calendar.
  9. Vacations: A full-week discount will apply for a one-week vacation per family if the family provides a two week written notice.
  10. Withdrawal or Change in Schedule: Parents must give a two week written notice. When you give your two-week notice, you are also responsible to pay for those final two weeks.
  11. Snow Days: If the Columbia Heights (District 13) school closes, we will also close. Full tuition will be applicable, whether it’s a day or part of a day lost to weather related closings. Closings are announced on KARE 11 TV.